Audience Participation in Digital Culture

ADD soundsystem ver. 2.0

Posted by radimradim on September 4, 2008



As part of A.P.D.C. audience participation test beds initiative we have introduced “ADD soundsystem” project. It is an installation conceived as an open system and tool for other artists to realize their own sound content. ADD soundsystem can become a space for some form of music production or performance, it can be used as a sound installation or a sonic playground for a workshop. The aim is to create a specific social context, space for encounters, communication and participation. ADD soundsystem oscilates between different types of sound production and perception. It decentralizes the position of musician / performer and obliterates both creative and physical gap between the creator and the audience. The installation is designed to be as transparent, easily understood and operated for any audience member.

ADDsoundsystem is a low cost, DIY portable surround system with a decentralized control. It is a rhizomatic structure. It can be hacked into numerous ways. It may be installed in numerous constellations, reduced or expanded. It is an ongoing project and a traveling installation (a soundsystem is supposed to travel). Wherever it is installed it is open to input from others both at the level of installation and on the level of sound content. It may be installed on its own or it may co-exist with other installations.

ADD soundsystem is a participatory project by rRadim Labuda and Darina Alster.


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