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seeMe.ath.cx by Honza Svasek

Posted by Pavel Sedlak on May 18, 2008


Honza Svasek

The talk will concentrate on grassroots new media art production and will try to get some of the 1984 Unix Hacking spirit across to the audience.

seeMe.ath.cx is an Experimental and Interactive New Media Artwork In Progress. It is a Open Source Software Mosaic consisting of imgSeek: a. Content Based Image Retrieval System, a hacked version of Motion: a Software Motion Detector, Apache, PHP and Firefox in kiosk mode and some scripts, running on a hacked Packard Bell laptop under Ubuntu. Currently this artwork can be seen and interacted with at the Katendrechtse Lagedijk 461 in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, where it is usually mounted in the door of Werkplaats LUNA-TIKS, an art production facility run by Honza Svašek and friends. This work displays a matrix of 20 images which are visually similar to the current image. Usually the current image shows the observer of the artwork as observed by the artwork. If the current image does not change for some time, the system goes in sleeping mode and starts dreaming: a random matrix of the past gets displayed. The artwork demands user participation, and has been on display in a relatively poor area of Rotterdam.

Honza Svasek (NL)

http://www.HonzaSvasek.nl, http://kansenzone.blogspot.com

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